The Decentralized Social Travel Network and Marketplace

Travel with friends for less. Book from Local Tour Operators (LTOs) using TGO tokens while eliminating the middleman.
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What is 15toGO?

15toGO is the first decentralized app for group traveling where you MATCH with new people to travel with, BOOK hassle-free and TRAVEL for less.

Using the TGO token, we create a decentralized Marketplace and Ecosystem utilizing blockchain technology where Local Tour Operators can:

  • Offer their services directly to the Customers
  • Hire people from the community to help them organize and manage the trips
Match people to travel with
0% commission bookings from the Local Tour Operators
Be one of the first 15 on a trip and travel for less
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The Problem

Finding people to travel with and planning the trip hassle-free
Unfair distribution of the value generated in group traveling
*It is not so easy to find the right people to travel with, right?
*Typically, the Outgoing Travel Agent takes 10 to 30% commission for being a legacy intermediary.
*The LTOs are the real heavy lifters in the industry. However, they do not get what they deserve.

The Solution

A social platform that offers the opportunity to meet friends and like-minded people to travel with on already organized trips where the more people come, the less you pay. Local Tour Operators can offer trips directly on the decentralized Marketplace, cutting out the middleman. This enables better margins for the LTOs and lower prices for the end customers.
Travel Buddies
The first 15 to join a trip take advantage of the ToGO Deal.
The first 15 to join a trip take advantage of the ToGO Deal. If more people join, e.g. the total number of travelers reaches 15, 20 ,25, 35, 45, 60, 80 (we call that ToGO Milestones), the first 15 people that have booked the ToGO Deal will receive TGO tokens and ultimately pay lower price.

For example: when reaching 10 travelers the original 15 will receive $120 bonus in TGO tokens, when reaching 25 - additional $140 bonus in TGO tokens, etc.

The future of group travel is here

We believe that Local Tour Operators should earn more and Travelers should pay less.

Why Blockchain?

Data protection
Data protection
No private profile data needs to be centrally saved on the platform. It will be accessible via the blockchain, completely safe and secure, with users in control.
Automated system allows to significantly reduce human involvement, minimizing transaction costs and the amount of errors.
Trust and Transparency
Trust and Transparency
Smart contracts allow eliminating the element of trust/distrust between consumer and provider, acting as escrow. Storing all transaction data on a distributed ledger makes the history of operations transparent and impossible to falsify.
Frictionless Payments
Frictionless Payments
Transactions can be performed much faster, cheaper, and secure, especially cross-border, since the payment process is automated.
Aligning Incentives
Aligning Incentives
If you want to impact an industry you need to have supporters with aligned incentives and a common goal. Tokenizing the travel ecosystem is the only way to establish a fair value chain and direct relationships between the parties.
Self-Governing System
Self-Governing System
Members of the community are empowered and incentivized to participate in transparent evaluation and voting mechanisms.

Governance Model

15toGO is an open and transparent decentralized platform and its governance model will be designed to facilitate group decision-making. The blockchain is ideal for setting up organizational rules and recording information in a way that can be later verified. By using smart contracts, we will create logical scripts that are executed on the blockchain itself (platform rules, processes and rights, mechanisms for approving new member agencies, rating systems, etc.). Our governance methods will consist of best practices, Code of Conduct, different incentives for benevolent arbiters on the platform and establishing mechanism for coordination between them.
We are building a community network that empowers both users and Local Tour Operators to participate. The main challenge is to filter the secure travel deals from scams published by agencies that are not legit and trustworthy.
We will personally evaluate each initial LTO’s request, looking into their reputation in the travel industry. This manual process will continue until we reach a membership of up to 150 LTOs. This approach will also help us create a balanced market without dominating players in the first stages of the project.
After the first stage, we will empower members of the community to approve new Tour Operators to the marketplace with transparent evaluation and voting mechanism. That is the only way to ensure open and secure decentralized network.

Our Mission

Empowering people from all over the planet to unite, collaborate and explore the world with friends.
Together we create more value for both Travelers and Tour Operators around the globe, connecting them in one transparent, secure and decentralized Ecosystem.

  1. We empower the local communities to show the traditional culture, wild nature and urban lifestyle of their homeland.
  2. We value real relationships, real people and real experiences.
  3. We understand the power of the mother nature and we want to preserve its beauty and grace.
We at 15toGO plan to create a special section on the app where trips with a cause will be listed. Community members will be able to vote for them, join the trips and donate their own labor or TGO tokens. We believe that we can rebuild the world we all want to live in using our own hands and hearts.

The Platform

15toGO deploys a user-friendly off-chain web interface and native mobile app (iOS & Android) to be used by the customers for interactions with the blockchain and smart contracts system of the project.
The Platform

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Trip Page

How 15toGO works for Local Tour Operators?

The booking will be done in an easy and intuitive way. Joining the platform is absolutely free. We will never take any bonuses or fees from the Local Tour Operators for signing up, posting a trip or generating bookings for their trips. And it will stay that way. Not paying commissions will increase the revenue of the LTOs and will give them an opportunity to improve the customer service they provide. All booking options will be available on the Marketplace backend - a booking engine specially developed for the needs of the Tour Operators.
We are excluding the middleman using the benefits of the blockchain technology and empowering the community to participate in the travel servicing process. The Local Tour Operators will be able to offer trips directly to the end customer on the platform. Reducing the cost for all participants, the LTOs can focus better on the client servicing. The LTOs will have the opportunity to look at the end customers’ preferences revealed from their personal accounts and the trips they have already booked. A chat functionality will be provided for every trip group, enabling the Tour Operators to engage with and get to know their customers. This will allow for the creation of curated itineraries and approach for each group.
We are reducing the cost for communication and management for the LTOs. The platform will offer options that will ease the organization of the whole process. Each tour leader will be able to set meeting points, send push notifications, chat with the whole group or with particular travelers, etc.
After the main Token Generation Event (TGE) stage, 5% of the value of a trip will be unlocked in tokens for the LTOs through the Proof of Travel system, as long as 15 or more people have joined the trip. We want to stimulate the LTOs to promote the trips using their own communication channels, attracting more users to the 15toGO platform.

Tokens can be used by the agency in exchange for services provided by community members who can help with different tasks, such as promotion and marketing, filming, customer support, guides, etc.
We know how hard is to grow a team and provide quality service to different groups and to sell on foreign markets at the same time. In the 15toGO decentralized Ecosystem everyone can benefit from the expertise and skills set of the community and pay for the services of its qualified members. That is the best way for LTOs to find and pay guides, influencers, marketing specialists, customer support, etc. using the TGO token.
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15toGO Ambassadors are responsible for network development in a specific country or city.

The Ambassadors organize events and parties for travelers. During these themed events people can meet before and after their trips and learn more about 15toGO and our core values.

Ambassadors are not full time employees but they receive benefits like TGO tokens, discounts and other perks. They are obliged to organize at least one event per month for their specific region.

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Our Advantages

Socially empowered booking process based on users’ connections and preferences
Zero - commission booking
Lower price for end user, due to eliminating the middleman
First social travel app using blockchain technology
First crowdsourcing mechanism in travel ever created
100% online and mobile-based

Market and Clients

The global market for group bookings is estimated to be in excess of US$190 billion in 2017. About one in three hotel room bookings in North America are for group reservations.

Travel market is over $1,1 trillion and expected to grow to $1,4 trillion in 2022. (Euromonitor International)

Profile Of Our Target Client

  • People between 18-40
  • Medium to high income
  • Travel and Crypto communities
  • Active and adventure seeking lifestyle

World Inbound Tourism Performance

World Inbound Tourism Performance
Euromonitor International

Travel Market Overview

Travel Market Overview

Business model

15toGO will NOT receive any booking commissions from the Local Tour Operators. Having a personal profile on the platform is free for everyone and it will stay that way.

Revenue streams:

  • Premium features of the LTO`s company profile
  • Additional travel products such as plane tickets
  • Additional services such as outsourced customer support
  • Selling ads to consumer brands related to travel and leisure
  • Other sponsored games and activities on the platform and during the trips
15toGO will benefit from advertising and additional premium features and services that can improve customer experience and satisfaction.
Business model

Events we are attending

The following are a list of events which 15toGO team will be attending. If you see us there, come and chat with us. We’d love to meet you!
Sofia, Arena Armeec
June 25th - 27th, 2018
Token Summit III New York 2018
New York
May 17th, 2018
May 14th - 16th, 2018
Ethereal Summit
May 11th - 12th, 2018

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The name 15toGO consists of two main parts. The first part is “15”, this is considered as the threshold of a minimum number of participants that are needed to ensure an amazing group experience on a trip. Also with more participants, we can ensure better conditions for all parties involved. The second part, which is ”toGO” stands for the actual trip, the action part where the group has fun.
The TGO token will be the fuel of the whole ecosystem. It will be the link between all parties involved serving as the payment medium. With the help of the token we will be able to incentivize all of the participants on the platform and be true to the vision of the blockchain community of not needing a middleman to oversee the transactions.
As everything we do is law abiding and most countries have different laws, we will need some time to create it. You have to enrol in the whitelist in order to participate in the Token Sale afterwards. Our whitelist will be open soon and we will inform you. If you want to be notified of the exact date and receive important updates on our project, click here.
The whitepaper is the backbone of a project. Therefore, our team is working hard to present it to you so you can read the idea behind, the problem and the solution in details, highlighting the key points. It will be published on our website soon. If you want to be the first to read it and to receive important updates on our project, click here.
We are working on establishing the exact dates of the Token Sale. We will announce the stages soon. If you want to be informed as soon as they are out and also important updates on our project, click here to join our Telegram group.